OMG! So, today I was around in the neighborhood with these kids that live on my street. They always ask me to play so I do sometimes. lol So this girl had a CHER DOLL!!!!!!!!

It was her mom’s when she was little and i’m like O-M-G. She was beautiful, it looked a lot like Cher. She had the false eyelashes, painted fingernails and beautiful long black her.

I’ve been wanting a Cher doll sooo much! It was cool to see one in person! :)

May 12 -
Cher doll

Hey Cher fans! This page is dedicated to the one, the only....Cher! The woman we all know as a diva, a legened, a singer, and an overall amazing person! So I hope you all enjoy the pics of the beautiful and talented Cher!